Should You Blend in Blender or Juice in Juicer

Nowadays, there are so many versions and types of kitchen equipment available in the market that the functions which they individually perform have started to overlap in similarity. This leaves users with the confusion of when to use which appliance, especially if more than one can be used for the same thing. There is a similar dilemma regarding blenders and cold press juicers as both have been and can be used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Here, we will decide which culinary device you should use for juicing.

Since this decision is not straightforward and depends on the user’s personal choices as well as some other appropriate factors, let us break down everything that is involved in choosing blenders or cold press juicers.


The debate of whether to use a blender or a cold press juicer for juicing purposes starts and ends at comparing the end result of whichever method of juicing you prefer. This end result, the juice produced, in the case of juicing with a blender contains more fiber. This fiber content would include both soluble and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber takes up volume and therefore makes you feel full and adds to your body. If you juice with a cold press juicer, not all fiber is lost but insoluble fiber gets removed with the pulp and you are left with soluble fiber in your drink.


When juicing with a blender, you will get the juice extracted and the pulp all in one package as one thick drink whereas when juicing with a cold press juicer you will only get the liquid content resulting in a thin drink. Nutrient content aside, you can choose whether to juice with a blender or a cold press juicer on the grounds of the consistency of the drink which feels and tastes better to you.


With a blender, you get juice in a large quantity as it comes out in the form of a smoothie consistency with no fruits or vegetables content lost as pulp. This makes for a tall glass of a thick juice. On the other hand, with a cold press juicer you will get less volume of juice as a cold press juicer separates the pulp from the juice and disposes it into another container to be dumped later. Therefore, to make a large amount of juice in a cold press juicer, you will need to have a large amount of fruits and vegetables available. Grapes especially yield very little juice.


It has recently begun to be realized that consuming a lot of juice, whether blended or juiced, can increase your calorie and sugar intake resulting in an unhealthy blood sugar level. One thing that is debatable is which form of juice gives more sugar content. If you purchase a best cold press juicer from official website, you will also be able to efficiently juice vegetables in it, creating purely green juices or a balanced mix of fruits and vegetables extract. This would result in a healthier drink with less fructose, a sugar found in fruits.

So should you juice in a blender or a cold press juicer? The decision is totally up to you with regards to which fits your interests best.

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